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December 9, 2015 by Kai Chan

In addition to the recent Eggplant Caponata recipe, I started this post a while back. As I opened the draft of this post, the following three sentences appeared:

After a few weeks of utter gluttony, I decided that I needed to get back on track and start eating better. I watched the Holland vs. Mexico World Cup match at SOMA StrEAT Food Park this past Sunday. The game started at 9am PT and only half of the food trucks were open.

Incredible. I started writing this during the 2014 world cup, specifically right after the Holland vs. Mexico match. I remember why I wrote it. It was an early match at a food truck food park. While half of the food trucks were open, there weren’t many healthy options. I’m actually cringing upon the memory of this. Syrup-laden french toast, greasy hash browns, donuts, fried food and even more fried food. Don’t get me wrong, I love a heavy, fatty breakfast once in a while, but don’t miss the key phrase that I wrote: once in a while.

Eating healthy can be quite challenging, not because of the options but sometimes our body rebel to the thought that you’re going to have another salad for lunch or just a piece of fruit for breakfast. We should listen to our body within reason and allow the occasional indulgences. A friend messaged me a while ago that she must be feeling sick because she had a massive craving for chili cheese fries. That’s how her body copes with being stressed. Now, if she were to crave and eat the chili cheese fries or anything equivalent for several days in a row, then there is probably something wrong with the body and your overloading your body with heavy, processed foods.

But for those of you who need ideas for a healthy breakfast or brunch options, here are some favorites of mine. Keep in mind that most home cooked meals are already much healthier than if you were go to out to eat!

  • Greek yogurt: serve with a bit of honey and fruit (or skip the honey and/or fruit if you want to keep it on the less sweet side). I never order this when I eat out because I find it too expensive for the amount of effort (or lack thereof) that goes into preparing this. You can use granola too, but I would use it sparingly especially if you’re also using honey.
  • Poached eggs: serve with sautéed vegetables. My favorite sautéed vegetables for this dish are swiss chard, kale or collard greens and top with toasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds) to provide some needed crunch. You can add a couple of toast points to soak up the delicious yolk and add more texture to this dish.
  • Multigrain toast: serve with sliced avocado and smoked salmon (or skip the salmon if you want to stick with vegetarian or substitute with poached or sunny side egg). No butter is needed for the toast since the avocado and salmon are rich in good fats. To protein up, you can add the egg to the avocado and smoked salmon!
  • Arugula salad: serve with protein, avocado and nuts to make it a heartier meal. My favorite greens for salad is arugula, but to make the best of your salad, go with whatever salad greens are in season. If you want to fancy up your salad with protein, you can make it into a chicken paillard. 🙂
  • Steel-cut oatmeal: serve with honey, fruit and cinnamon. Steel-cut tastes much better than rolled oats so try to go with steel-cut if you have the time. I sometimes make a bunch in advance to reheat for the week or you can prepare the night before by boiling the steel-cut oatmeal in water for 1 minute, shutting off the heat and putting lid on the pot to soak overnight on your stove. This will finish cooking in 5 minutes the next morning.


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