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January 22, 2014 by Kai Chan

It’s about time that I wrote something about my favorite taco place in San Francisco, La Taqueria. What makes La Taqueria one of my favorites spots? It’s cheap, delicious, unpretentious and is run by an awesome owner.


Some may complain that $3.50 for a taco is expensive compared to Taco Bell. Well, that’s like comparing an In-N-Out cheeseburger animal style to a limp McDonald’s cheeseburger. The tacos at La Taqueria are quite hefty as they come with beans and salsa and you can also get guacamole, sour cream and cheese as add ons. The tacos also come with two corn tortillas. For their crispy taco, they actually fry the inner layer tortilla to give the taco extra texture and flavor as fried food increases dopamine. One taco is enough for me, but for you burly hungry men out there, two tacos will probably suffice.


I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t tried that many things apart from their crispy carnitas taco because it’s so darn good every single time I have it. I hear that the chicken and chorizo tacos are good too. The chorizo is definitely saltier, so if you have a salty palate, you may want to try that. I also love to drench my tacos with their zingy salsa verde (one of the taco pics below is drenched in salsa verde) which they have in large bottles at the tables. La Taqueria also sells burritos, but I’m not a burrito kind of gal. Their chips and salsa are good, especially if you like the thick chips and if you’re adventurous for extra spice, then get it with grilled serranos. Some of the serranos are not spicy but if you happen to get a spicy one, get ready for tomato face and uncomfortable sweating for the next 10 minutes. I’ve gotten what looks like a greasy mini quesadilla as a freebie from the owner which was also tasty, but I have no idea what it is called. Perhaps it’s a special that is not listed on their menu…


I also like that La Taqueria is straight forward with no frills. You walk in, get in line, order, pay and then wait for your food. The line is usually long but it moves quick. If you want to eat there, a small table or section of a large table usually opens up quickly because this is fast food. The clientele varies from the construction worker grabbing a quick bite to some people who look like they ventured in from Palo Alto with their pearls and boat shoes. It pains me when I try going to Tacolicious in the Marina and have to deal with a hoity-toity hostess and a long wait – I actually avoid going there during peak hours because of that. If I lived closer to La Taqueria, I would definitely go more often.


Lastly, let’s talk about the owner. I don’t know his name yet, but he’s always happy and friendly. Actually, especially friendly with the ladies and little girls but not in a creepy way! He’s known to comp some free things to women as I have been on the receiving end with the mini quesadilla and also a strawberry beverage, which was too sweet to my liking. The owner also has a vase of roses by the cash register and would occasionally give a rose to a small girl or to a lady. On a recent visit to La Taqueria with a girlfriend visiting from the east coast, the owner gave my friend a rose in hopes of enchanting her with SF. Oh yeah, cash only but that’s shouldn’t be a problem given that you will probably spend less than $10 on your meal.


Enjoy the food porn pics below. I’m getting hungry by just looking at them…


Mini quesadilla thingy with guacamole:IMG_4983

Crispy carnitas taco with cheese, guacamole and drenched with salsa verde (salsa verde is my doing):IMG_4984

Another crispy carnitas taco but with sour cream added to the lot, pre-Kai salsa verde drenching:IMG_5211

Salsa and chips:IMG_5213

La Taqueria / No Website / 2889 Mission St, SF, CA



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